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Udemy is one of the leading and popular online learning platforms. They offer their courses over 65 languages all over the world. Around 40 million course enrollment and over 50 thousand instructors work on this platform. There is no doubt that Udemy is doing a fantastic job like millions of people are learning from this platform. Despite their good reputation some conflicting opinions and criticism also have against this platform. In this detailed review, we are going to testify all claims and criticism and will find whether those are legit or illogical.  


Currently, there have been over 40 million course enrollments along with 35 million students and 57,000 instructors. The courses are available in over 65 languages.


We know that universities rarely offer fee courses that are related to professional life. As a result, students who are done with graduation and searching for a job but couldn’t manage a job because of a lack of skills. But you can enrich yourself with vast knowledge from this platform. Skill development courses to the philosophical course everything is available on this platform. You just need to enroll in your chosen course with a fee. Then you can learn the course lifetime. For the people who seek to learn amazing professional skills many more, they can visit this amazing website.


For this review first, we are going to talk about the platform itself for a better understanding of this platform. After that gradually we will try to figure out claims and criticisms that have risen against this platform. So, this is going to be an in-depth review.


Udemy is an educational platform. Their core value is to provide learning materials so that you can learn new things and skills to cope up with the advanced world. For all people around the world, the platform is open. All you need to register on the website and pick a course that you want to learn. Variety of courses available on this platform.


Udemy is not only for students or learners it is a platform for teachers as well. Teachers can also create an instructor profile and upload their courses. For every purchase, the instructor will earn a portion of the review. The payments are paid with digital financial services like PayPal or Payoneer. So this is a two-way teaching and learning platform.


Ease of use

The first thing one might see on a website is the user interface or how easy it is to use the platform. For that, you can visit the Udemy website first to see all features and user interface on the website. We find their page is very straightforward which contains a promotional banner, course lists, and at the bottom of the page some user reviews. The layout and other things are ok. You can find everything easily on their website.  


After that, the course page interface is also impressive as Udemy pointed out everything detailed for course selection. You can choose a course with category and subcategory as well from a drop-down menu. You can choose your desired course using the keyword also. Once you pick a course you can find a preview video, course requirements, user reviews, etc. so this is quite good and fair that you can get every detail before purchasing the course.

The checkout process is also quite simple and familiar. You simply have to add your chosen course into the cart, sign in, and choose the payment method. That’s it. You are ready to go and learn.


The Udemy rating system looks fishy to us. Most of the courses on the site have super-high ratings. A review of this Udemy course appears to be based on the rating system.


Content Quality of Udemy

When you talk about any online product then the first thing that comes into mind is the quality of the content or product. As a content making platform quality of the content is a major determinant factor of Udemy. Generally, if you look at Udemy course reviews then you can find mixed reviews. Yes, Udemy has some amazing courses and instructors in their platform but if you ask me whether all courses of Udemy are worthy or not. Then my answer will be NO.


Udemy ensures the quality of the course very strictly. Due to this, we have seen that most of the users are satisfied with the course. In Udemy, you have a course rating. As an enrolled person, you will be able to give your rating to the course conductor and the course content. As all the courses are overviewed by the Udemy authority. There is almost no chance of getting a bad course. You can also choose the course based on the user rating.  


Naturally when you are running a huge platform with more than 100 thousand courses and millions of users then it is quite difficult to check all those courses available on the platform. On Udemy most of the courses were promoted by instructors. No instructors will say a bad thing about their courses. So, checking the quality of all courses is frankly impossible for Udemy. You also have to keep in mind that Udemy is an online course marketplace hence they will surely try to make money from this platform.


Udemy Features

Apart from user interface and courses other features such as video player quality and other additional things that you expect after enrolling in a course etc. are good or bad. We are considering these are other features that should have in an online course.


First of all, the video player of the enrolled course, user interface, and downloadable contents works perfectly fine. So, there we find no issues to complain about. So, we just have to say technically the courses are very rich. Those who said about technical difficulties we don’t know where they found technical difficulties.


You will receive a lifetime access pass to that course, some downloadable content, and a completion certificate when you buy a course. Udemy doesn’t advertise all that much of the certificates. So it’s hard to tell how good they are.  


Udemy Course Price

The most asked question one has to face while selling something online is the price of the product. The same case for Udemy as well.


As the company notes on their “Student FAQ” tab, they’re not the ones pricing their courses, that’s the role of the teacher. This ensures that the designers of such courses solemnly decide all the prices that you see when you browse the course list on the web. An exception to that rule is promotions-with a discounted price tag, both the teacher AND Udemy can give promotions.


The general pricing on the web makes sense. Prices vary, and this is typically the main issue when anyone asks “are Udemy courses worth it?”. The courses with more detail, tougher subjects, and longer run-time tend to be more expensive than their counterparts-that makes sense.


All in all, while the pricing model seems to work well when it comes to the courses themselves, you’ll find numerous Udemy reports of people feeling disappointed and misled, either about the content of the course or about the price itself.


Learning Experience

The learning experience is a tough aspect to cover in a review. Because it varies from person to person. Many factors are related in terms of judging learning experience. However, in general, we can say something about the learning experience.


Udemy as a platform provides some instructions to their instructors about student engagement. It seems Udemy cares for your participation in the course so that you gain proper knowledge about the course. They also have many programs where they discuss improving their learning experience.


We find in general people are satisfied with their learning experience. It is also true that it is impossible to please everyone. So negative reviews about a learning experience you can find more frequent.


Overall, Udemy is actively trying to develop its students’ learning experiences. And, while there will always be concerns about Udemy when it comes to this particular subject, it’s doing a good job at it.


How to get a discount on Udemy?

There are varieties of courses available on their website. Most of their prices of the courses vary from time to time. To get the courses at a lower price you have to use a coupon. Udemy coupons give you the privilege to get the courses at a lower price. Due to this, they are the best online learning platform. To get the discount via coupon you have to copy the coupon and apply the coupon during checkout.


Most of the time, udemy offers discount coupons and promo codes on special occasions. As a user, you have to grab these offers to learn new things at a low price.


Every year we have seen Udemy offer varieties of coupons and discounts to all of its customers. Every year we have seen a rapid sale of 9.99$ courses. In that campaign, Udemy offers each course for just 9.99$. As a user, you cannot miss this opportunity. There are no limitations to grab this opportunity. This is the most exciting offer from udemy.


The most exciting thing in Udemy is, you will be able to get a 30 days money-back guarantee. As a user, if you are not satisfied with your enrolled course then you can report about that and get your money back.     


At last, we have to say that Udemy seems to have preserved its reputation as a company that wants to educate people. One must always remember – they are a corporate entity, a marketplace. There are things that we, as general users, simply do not see – cutting off funds, investor pressure, deadlines, etc. If Udemy brushes up their act in certain areas of functioning, the company can still go a long way in the education department. That is if they manage to keep this vision intact.