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After seeing the great potential in Bangladesh, Uber started their journey in Bangladesh. Within a few months, they get a huge response from the customers. Their top-class app and navigation system quickly grab the attention of customers.

Uber Bangladesh promo codes

Like other ride-sharing platforms, Uber is offering various types of coupons to its customers. It helps us to get a cheap ride at a low cost. Along with that, you can avail of varieties of coupons in uber delivery and other services. To avail of the discount, you have to use the coupon before you are requesting for your ride. As a user, you will get the coupons on their official website or via SMS. Additionally, you can get an Uber discount coupon by referring the app to your friends and family members.

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Services of Uber

As an on-demand ride-sharing company uber Bangladesh offers different types of ride-sharing services to its customers. They are the only ride-sharing platform in Bangladesh that introduced varieties of services. You can think that as a ride-sharing company uber Bangladesh also provides services as other platforms serve. But you get amazed to know that you can find different types of services within an app. 

Currently, Uber Bangladesh is offering Uber Moto, UberX, Uber Premier, Uber Pool, and Moto Delivery. They segmented their services for all types of people so that everyone can avail to get services from them. Uber Moto is a motorcycle service. Through the Uber app, you can call an Uber moto. They put every detail of the captain of the bike such as the bike model, registration number, etc. It’s been hugely popular in Dhaka city as it can beat the traffic of Dhaka city.

Besides Uber Moto they have car services as well. This segment is their main focus worldwide. For different people, they segmented their car services as mentioned above. Uber X is a general car that you can hire for a less amount than Uber Premier. Uber premier service is for the people who want a ride in an updated model car. The fair is also a little bit high in the premier cars. 

Then recently Uber Bangladesh introduced UberPOOL in Dhaka city. ‘UberPOOL’ is a new ride sharing option that allows riders to join, or ‘POOL’, with other riders with similar routes in the same Uber, and share the cost of the trip. Shared rides like UberPOOL are all about getting more people into fewer cars. It means cheaper rides for passengers, longer and more-rewarding trips for drivers, and less congestion for cities over time. The trip fare on UberPOOL can be up to 40% lower than the UberX fare for the same distance.

Then after Uber Bangladesh launches Moto Delivery to deliver important documents or packages delivery. While the pandemic situation was worse than that they launched this service. The people of Dhaka city benefited a lot from this service. This was a wise decision from Uber’s authority to serve people during the hardest time of coronavirus. 

Finally On July 7th, Uber became the first ride-sharing company in Bangladesh to launch an on-demand rental service. “Uber Rentals” is a 24×7 app that allows riders to book a car and its driver for several hours on a stretch and to make several stops on a trip, just as they would with their vehicle.

Riders can request a ride within minutes for a customized experience with greater versatility and comfort, as they resume their everyday routine after a long lockdown. The service will be available across UberX, which resumed operation last week in Dhaka, at an attractive price point of BDT 899 for a package of 2 hours per 20 km.

In the meantime, Uber has launched UberEats in April 2019 with a different app. They promoted all over the city and got a huge response from customers as well. But after serving one year in the food delivery market Uber closed the service. 


Why you should use Uber?

  • World-class App: The app of Uber is the top class. It is very simple to use though unique. All features are placed very sequentially in the app. You never have to face any kind of difficulties while using the app. All segmented vehicle lists with fair you can see them at a glance into the app. 
  • Proper Documentation: From the very beginning of their journey in Bangladesh they were committed to providing top-quality services to their customers. To ensure quality, Uber has given access to those drivers on their platform who have all original documents. Besides that, they also input bike or car details in their app so that one can see which vehicle he or she is going to ride.
  • Strong Navigation Map: For a ride-sharing company a strong navigation map is very important as drivers headed toward the destination to see the map. Not every driver follows the map as they know the road but Uberbd is very popular among riders and passengers as that map shows every detail of the city. Moreover, they frequently update their map to ensure smooth riding. 
  • Free Call System: To provide a good user experience uber has a free call service option in their app. After having a ride through the app, you need to make a phone call so that the rider can know where you are. For that Uber introduced this amazing free call option. 
  • Emergency help: In case of any emergency there is an emergency cell number in the app. You can call the number to seek help. 
  • Complain Box: If you have any issue regarding the ride experience you can file a complaint in the complaint panel of the app. Complaints can be against the rider, app system, fare, or navigation system of any type. You can file any type of complaint in the panel.
  • User Ratings: Online services are judged by their ratings. There are no other options rather than a rating system to justify a service good or bad. However, the rating does not show the actual scenario but until this is the best option we have to judge an online service. If we consider user ratings about the Uber ride experience, most of the ratings are positive. Average of 4.5 out of 5, which is good to go. Uber has a unique rating system, you can judge a rider in many aspects such as behavior, expertise in navigation, driving skills, etc. The rating system is really good to judge a driver.


How to use Uber bd voucher code:

  • Copy any Uber coupon from above
  • Click on the profile icon on the Uber app
  • Go to the wallet option and click on “Add Voucher”
  • Paste the voucher and click continue
  • If a valid voucher is given, discount will be added automatically


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