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Currently, Daraz is the biggest e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. They have the biggest amount of inventory and the most number of merchants. After the investment of the Alibaba group, Daraz improved its delivery process and many other things. Almost all the products Daraz offers to its customers are high in quality. There are very rare cases of having low-grade products or damaged products. Daraz has its delivery system. In a summary, Daraz is a total lifestyle solution. 


As a merchant or a customer, you do not need to take the hassle of your delivery. Daraz has the least product return rate among e-commerce. At the same time, Daraz is capable of delivering goods in the fastest possible time in any place of the country whatever the size of the product is. After the inclusion of Alibaba’s investment, Daraz offers a variety of international products. As a result, Daraz has the best inventory in the e-commerce market. 


As a user, you will see that there are thousands of products. All year long, there is some sort of discount. But the discounts are not available for a short period. So to grab the discount you cannot take a long time. In most of the month, Daraz offers a discount campaign for many products. You will be able to find these discount notifications on the official website of Daraz and their Facebook page.  


As Daraz is a massive platform, you have to know all the segments of it. That will help you to order the best product from there. For that, we segmentize the part and give you a short brief so that you can learn more about it from there.


What is Daraz Mall?

Daraz mall is a special segment of Daraz where you will be able to find the best quality product from the trusted brand. All the products of this segment are genuine. At the same time, you will be able to return the product in just 14 days. There are special offers from the brand and discount offers. There are varieties of offers going in this segment all the time. Due to quality product, express delivery   


What is dMart?

Daraz has a special segment which is known as dmart. This segment is especially for grocery and medicine. You will find almost all the products on the market at an affordable price. Whatever the amount of product you buy, there is only a 30 taka charge. Due to this, people loved to order from here. You will be able to find the best product in the market from here. There is no chance of getting a fake product from here. As a result, you can trust them to order any item from here.    


What services are available from the digital Sheba of Daraz?   

To give the best lifestyle solution, Daraz offers varieties of services in this segment. This segment is based on service. No product is available in this segment. All the segments in the category are service-based. For our daily life and business, we need most of these services. As the service providers are verified and scrutinized by Daraz’s authority. Due to this people have great trust in them. 


In this segment, you will be able to buy different subscription packages of many international platforms at a discounted rate. So, you can save you money and improve your lifestyle.   


Top 5 reasons Daraz is the best e-commerce in Bangladesh


There are many e-commerce websites in Bangladesh but none of them are as enriched as Daraz. Daraz has the most number of products and merchants with most charities of product. As a user and merchants, this platform is very friendly. There are several reasons why Daraz is the best e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. Here are the top reasons:


  1. As a customer, Daraz will be the best e-commerce for you. Daraz has the largest amount of products and the number of merchants on its platform. Due to this people can buy any product as their choice.
  2. Daraz offers the best discount deals on the market. Almost all the time, discount campaigns are going. As a result, you can buy products as you wish. These campaigns help you to save a lot of money. Due to this people love this platform the most.        
  3. Daraz has a very convenient and fast delivery process. Whatever the product size, shape, or weight, they are delivering the product at your doorstep. As a result, people love to order from their platform. No other e-commerce platform is doing as well as them.
  4. Customer service is the main concern of any e-commerce. In this case, Daraz is the best company. They are giving the priority service to all of its customers. For this reason, people have fewer complaints about Daraz. As per the user rating, they are currently the best e-commerce customer service provider in Bangladesh.
  5. The quality of the product of Daraz is far better than other e-commerce companies. They are giving the best possible protection of their product during delivery. That is why the rate of return of the product is very low.


These are the top 5 reasons why you should buy products from Daraz. We hope you will get the best possible online shopping experience from Daraz. They have added almost all the necessary features to make it customers. 


Daraz App

Daraz has a super mobile app for both Android and Apple. You can order your desired product from the app in minimum effort. There are some special discount offers available if you are ordering from the app. Most of the time, Daraz offers a welcome discount for installing the app. You can track your order in the app in just real-time.


Additionally, the Daraz app gives you several advantages in ordering products and some other phases. Due to this, people who are ordering regularly from Daraz use the Daraz mobile app. This saves your time and money.    


Why should you need to buy from the Daraz best seller?

Based on the public review, the number of orders and some other quality Daraz segmentize its seller. Based on that, Daraz put them on the best seller segment. All of these sellers are providing quality products and services. So you can rely on this marchent without any hesitation. So if you want to order something from Daraz, please look at it from the best sellers. Many times, you will get varieties of offers from the best sellers. 


In Daraz, you will be able to get varieties of coupons. These coupons are available all year long and on special occasions like Ramzan, Eid, New Year, and many more. So as a customer you have to wait for that. 


How to use Daraz coupons & vouchers?

Regularly, Daraz offers promo codes or coupons so that you can order products and services from Daraz at a discounted price. To get the discount you have to use the coupon code at the checkout. You can use the coupons both on the website and app.


On almost all special occasions, Daraz gives these coupons and offers. As a user, you do not need to miss these offers. The more you buy from Daraz the more you will be amazed at the products in the Daraz. 


Along with that, Daraz gives you gift vouchers and free vouchers on your purchases. Due to this, people love to use their coupons. Almost all the categories, you will find both discount and coupon-based offers. As a result, you will get a double bonus. So never miss out on the options to grab these discounts. 


At last, we are suggesting you follow the best practice of buying. Along with that, we recommend you to get help from the customer service of Daraz if you face any problem. They will give you the best possible support. If you get any problem with the product or have any issues in the order notify it to the Daraz customer care as soon as possible. From the user rating, daraz is currently the best e-commerce website of Bangladesh.