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What is Banggood.com?

Can you imagine 95% of shopping will be done online? Yes, estimation says that this will happen within 2040. The next year 2021, e-commerce sales are expected to reach 4.5 trillion. This indicates that e-commerce will shine in the future.


All over the world, everyone is trying to enter this potential online market. As the market is huge so the opportunity is also huge in this field. You can find millions of sellers online to get a portion of this vast market. Most of them attract customers with amazing advertising and promotional sales. Chinese retailer Banggood.com is also one of those who offer the best offers for you on online purchases.


Banggood.com is an online platform like Amazon, selling varieties of items such as clothing to toys, electronics, and many more. They sell automotive tools to industrial machines and scientific products as well. So, it’s a vast market where you can get almost everything.


As most people say, China’s product quality is not top class. It’s a bad reputation for a country and the people of China indeed. Banggood.com came into the market to create a cross border market whilst others are focusing on wholesaling. Banggood.com promised to serve top quality goods all over the world. Their vision is to bring China’s top-quality goods to the world.


Confusion arises when people see Banggood.com is offering rock bottom prices but can’t help that time question arises if Banggood is legit.


Thousands of questions arise about Banggood as they offer products at low prices. Do people think are they able to provide quality products? What are the reviews from the customers who bought products from Banggood? Moreover, is Banggood.com a legit and secure online store to purchase on? All these are the burning questions sparking in the customer’s mind. In this review, we tried to discuss all back and forth of Banggood.com. Give a read before purchasing from this online Platform.



Banggood.com was founded in 2006 and is currently a corporation specializing in computer science research and development. It soon moved to the e-commerce multinational sector that it is today.


This online shop sells a bit of everything: electronics, clothes, home and garden, and beauty items, to name a few. Retailers buy goods from manufacturers in more than 100 regions of China and stress the option of only high-quality products.


The name of the business derives from the combination of two words that have the same meaning, one in Chinese and one in English. “Bang” translates to good in English, so Banggood translates: good + good. Very good to be real, huh?



How is Banggood.com Able to Offer Such Stellar Prices, Though?

Our reviews of Banggood.com finds that the firm says low prices derived from the contacts of the firm in four Chinese buying cities: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Yiwu.


Running in these cities, this Hong Kong-based retailer is capable of finding the best vendors and delivering reasonable deals to its end consumers.


By having 37 warehouses around the world, both in the United States and Europe, Banggood can distribute them more efficiently to its end users until it has purchased the latest and highest quality goods.


According to the website of Banggood, their geographically placed warehouses allow them to carry out extra quality management tests and have much quicker delivery to North America than normal customers see while ordering from an Asian retailer.


If you’ve wondered how real Banggood is, their number of workers gives a hint. Banggood has expanded to recruit between 4,000 and 5,000 staff members since its humble beginnings more than a decade ago.


Banggood gives benefits to its clients, too. Benefits include:

  • Free or low-cost shipping
  • Credit card, PayPal, Boleto, and more than 20 other secure payment options
  • Professional customer service
  • An affiliate program, allowing you to make money along with Banggood
  • VIP Club
  • Banggood Review Club
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Banggood mobile app

Moreover, Banggood has a page dedicated to its guarantees. 


  •       7 days DOA product guarantee: Banggood has a refund and replacement policy for 7 days after receiving the product.
  •       Product warranty: Product warranty is varying from product to product. So it is good to give a read before purchase whether the product has a warranty or not.
  •       14 days return policy: In case you are not happy with their product you can return the product within 14 days. They will only cut shipping costs and the rest of the amount they will return you.
  •       Cancellation policy: If your order hasn’t been processed, you are free to cancel the order as well.


So, in terms of customer service, Banggood is impressive. They have all procedures to protect customers’ rights. However, they are trying hard to create their market in North America but many Americans still never heard about Banggood.com.


Now, this part of the review we will dig deeper on trust issues such as are they legit? Or are they trusted? And why would someone choose Banggood.com instead of other available platforms in the USA?


Pros and cons:

As for any company, for Banggood you’ll see both positive and negative feedback. But you’re going to want to dive into the specifics above the star ratings, which is what we’ve done in looking at feedback and support from Banggood.


What do people tell in reviews on Banggood.com? Who is often moaning about Banggood consumers in poor Banggood reviews?


Let’s break it down so you can see how Banggood.com meets the standards of a shopping web experience.



Banggood has scored 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. 75% of those who left a Banggood review left them a 5-star review. There are over 19,500 Banggood.com reviews on the site.


Most glowing Banggood reviews are from people who experienced trouble with their orders and had them corrected. Many customers claim that Banggood’s products and customer service are not as good as they used to be. Some products are difficult to find online anywhere else, such as safety products.


Bangood offers varieties of discount offers and coupon code to the customers. This makes them one of the most popular e-commerce websites to the people. You can get a great discount amount via using their coupons. Along with that they are offering some discount deals like buy-one-get-one free or free delivery. So a as user you have to look for these discount deals and coupons to save as much money as you can.



Statistically, we’ve all learned people are more likely to express negative thoughts than positive ones. Complaints focus on getting faulty items or failure to accept either their items or a refund. Two other grievances from Banggood were concerning electronic warranties which did not protect the essential components.



In Banggood ‘s support, as far as we have seen, the organization seems to be fast in responding to feedback on SiteJabber and other third-party review pages. There have also been users who have, because of their openness, adjusted a poor rating to a positive one.

But some of the solutions appear to be very similar and not very useful.


Our analysis by Banggood.com finds that the company apologizes for the problem and typically provides some form of actionable approach (although it’s not necessarily what the consumer wants).


This is particularly true in such situations where consumers have trouble with their Banggood tracking number. Foreign orders can also be difficult to track, with monitoring not always available.


Banggood tracking numbers can vanish after a month or two, according to Banggood feedback on SiteJabber, which may be disappointing considering that certain products often take longer to deliver.


So some people had wonderful experiences and considered Banggood to be very sensitive to issues with buying, while others had horrible experiences and felt like they were scammed.


Is Banggood legit?

So, is it a legal Banggood or not? In our view, the solution depends on how valid you interpret it.


Our analysis has considered Banggood to be a real company too. It ships actual products from an actual warehouse to real people around the world and a common alternative is Banggood shipping to the US.


The platform is not only a scheme designed to steal your money, it is a legal affair. It’s important to remember, though, that the sort of service you get and the nature of the things you’ll get is subjective, and perceptions tend to differ considerably.


Banggood adheres to all of the internet shopping ‘best practices,’ such as listing a comprehensive privacy policy and legal terms and conditions. It accepts various forms of digital payments, including PayPal, providing its customer protection scheme.


Is Banggood safe?

When you visit the platform yourself, you should feel confident about the fact that Trustwave and McAfee Safe approve Banggood. McAfee also notes that Banggood ‘s website has not found any ransomware, suspicious connections, or phishing.


Despite extensive analysis, we have been unable to locate any significant allegations about credit card theft, financial scams, or violations of banking records.


Is Banggood safe? Yes, it is safe. Is it your best online buying option? Maybe. It depends on your needs. It is better to research all options you have in your hand before starting shopping because it is better to be sure whether your spending money will be worth it or not. 


Happy shopping!