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Private University in Sylhet: A Place of Higher Study

Private universities in Sylhet play an essential role in developing the education sector in Sylhet. There are currently four private universities operating in Sylhet, home to several renowned educational institutions.

These universities offer a wide range of courses and programs and are committed to providing quality education to their students.

Private universities in Sylhet:

There are many private universities in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Most of these universities are accredited by the Bangladesh government. The private universities in Sylhet include:

  1. Sylhet International University
  2. Leading University
  3. Metropolitan University
  4. North East University Bangladesh

Sylhet International University:

The Sylhet International University (SIU) is dedicated to providing high-quality education relevant to a dynamic society’s needs. The courses and curricula are designed to enable students to enter the workforce or pursue higher academic and professional goals with a strong foundation.

The University’s educational goal is not only to make students pass exams and earn their degrees but to equip them with the skills and knowledge to become productive community members and continue learning throughout their lives.

Leading University:

Leading University (LU) is a private university in Sylhet, Bangladesh. It was established in 2001. The University has four faculties, ten departments for Undergraduate Program and seven for Graduate Program.

The vision of Leading University is to emerge as a world-class institution of higher learning by imparting quality education and conducting research to meet the ever-changing needs of society.

Metropolitan University:

Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury initiated the establishment of Metropolitan University in 2003 in conjunction with several renowned educationists from both home and abroad. The University was established with a vision to offer quality tertiary education at an affordable cost. The University started its journey with only seventeen students enrolled in two departments, Business Administration and Computer Science & Engineering.

The University has since then expanded its programs and now offers undergraduate and Master’s degrees in various subjects. Around 3500 students are currently enrolled in the University. Metropolitan University is growing rapidly and can provide education and training to the millions of students who need it.

North East University Bangladesh:

North East University Bangladesh is located in Sylhet, known for its natural beauty and resources. The University follows the democratic principles of management, which includes discussions with stakeholders such as faculty members, students, and guardians. North East University Bangladesh arranges interaction with people of various professions, such as researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers, administrators, and businesspersons, through seminars, workshops, gallery lectures, etc.

North East University Bangladesh is committed to promoting higher education of quality at comparatively low costs that can be affordable by our people.


These universities are contributing significantly to the region’s economic development by providing employment opportunities for the youth and helping to create a skilled workforce. They also play a vital role in promoting social cohesion and harmony by providing an environment for intellectual and cultural exchange.

Private universities in Sylhet are positively impacting the lives of the region’s people and helping to build a bright future for the next generation.



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